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Two Poems - Durlabh Singh

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Stupefied in this vast slaughter house

Where the fingers of crude murderers seek

The napes of neck the sheaf of hair

Forget settled ways now just seek mad heroism.


This is the end of me perhaps wind will carry

On back of coarse canvas a song of prejudice

To torture to kill cut down the sleepy slopes

Along hills where spiders set fire to hazel leaves.


The forces of intimidation settling on waxpod


Into tasteless heaps of gold and the marbled


Filled with guillotined leaves ad the barren


The universe mislaid now among some nocturnal







First I forgot your smiles

Then the shadow of your flesh

Then the wrinkles on your palm

Then those long slender ledge.


Then I forgot your deciphered name

Then the long alphabetical strife

Then I forgot the staid solid skeletons

Arranged neatly on the shelf twice.





Durlabh Singh is an artist/poet living in London, England and trying to introduce new expressions into contemporary art scene.


He's also exhibiting art work at this site and more poetry & poetry / paintings.



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