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in·ter·cul·tur·al (in'ter-kul'cher-ol) adj. Of, relating to, involving, or representing different cultures: an intercultural marriage; intercultural exchange in the arts.


A international collection of literature and art

"So many authors, so many flags
and just one big world!"

Elidio La Torre Lagares from Puerto Rico

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Nationalities of the 160+ writers and artists at the Intercultural Platform.
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Special Mention Award

The Intercultural Platform has won Special Mention in the intercultural competition for arts and culture: the Gangart-Awards 2002.





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New paintings




(Valeriy Grachov, Ukraine)

January 2005

"There is a renaissance fountain
Of white Italian marble
In a city park. On occasion
I still go there, for it holds
The magic of my childhood."

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Painting by Picchio

"I am honored to have my work included at your website. I greatly appreciate your site, its quality, and dedication to cultural openness. It is wonderful to have such a format available to artists from all over the world."
Analea Sanchez from Mexico


Photograph by Lokesh Anjanappa

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