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Bas Neggers (2)
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Hazel Smith Hutchinson
j.n. foster
Michael Levy (2)
Mario Enrique Orefice
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Al Garner
Martin van de Velde
Frans Kwaad
Doug Tanoury (3)
Kathy Lippard Cobb (1)
Jessica L. Keeler
Marc Swan (3)
Sandra Staas (2)
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Chris Wood
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Analea Sanchez
Wassy Orlando Sauceda Ruiz
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Erick Ambuso Adera
Peter van Heiningen (2)

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Carla Baarspul (expo)
Cor Dekkinga (notice)
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Irene Varriale
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Terri Rodriguez (2)
j.n. foster
Jean-Yves Vidal
Debra Woolard Bender (1)
Tonny van der Linden (3)
Anke ter Brugge
Adele "Dani" Bonnescuelle de Lespinois
Joelle Bonnescuelle de Lespinois
Debra Woolard Bender (2)
Claudio Parentela (1)
Kurt Nimmo
Durlabh Singh
Tone Aanderaa (1)
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Tone Aanderaa (2)
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Ruvanti (2)
Chamel Raghu
Andrew Mariano (1)
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Mark Polege (1)
Andrew Mariano (2)
Mark Polege (2)
Rietje Geurts
Marc Swan
Robert Vollekindt (2)
Siegfried Schreck
Lokesh Anjanappa
Theo IJzermans (2)
Valeriy Grachov
Kresimira Gojanovic
Beat Hannemann







"I pledge to create in a fashion encouraging and befitting the nobility and grace of humanity, and by demonstrating mature vision I will aid in maintaining an artistically free and responsible society. This web site shall remain free of racism, prejudice, hatred, and excessive violence. I enjoy the right to express my unique vision as I perceive that vision to be, and I simultaneously accept the ethics of freedom and a better tomorrow through being artistically responsible today."

Read poems and short stories from all over the world. Look at paintings, drawings and photographs. Act on non-profit aid projects.


Dear visitors,

This platform has been closed for new contributions. We will freeze the site, but the works of all the existing contributors will still be accessible.

It got more difficult for me to maintain the site due to the work load of my business. This site was my first venture on the internet and lies close to my heart.

But I have to move on. I want to thank all the wonderful writers and artists who have contributed to this intercultural project.

Keep on expressing yourself!

Thank you.

Get inspired by the aid projects we are presenting. Communicate with us and act.

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Valeriy Grachov, Ukraine


sky above cash mart [detail]

by Kurt Nimmo (USA)

Intercultural Platform

Fruits in the streets of Delhi - photograph by Lokesh Anjanappa (more...)


more haiku, tanka
and haiga >>>


Dot     Cuba Linda

By Theo IJzermans. Colourful pictures, celebrating every day life in Cuba.

Envel-art by Marc Swan (more...)

Nationalities of the 160+ writers and artists at the Intercultural Platform.
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"Your work is truly the work of giants... so many authors, so many flags
and just one big world!"

Elidio La Torre Lagares from Puerto Rico

Argentina Australia Austria Belgium Britain Canada Chile China France Germany Israël Italy Liberia Mexico Netherlands New Zealand Nicaragua Norway Peru Poland Puerto Rico Russia South Africa Spain United Arab Emirates United States Yugoslavia India Turkey Philippines Singapore Romania Switzerland Croatia Ukraine Kenya

>>> Art and Poetry <<<

"I am honored to have my work included at your website. I greatly appreciate your site, its quality, and dedication to cultural openness. It is wonderful to have such a format available to artists from all over the world."
Analea Sanchez from Mexico

Collage about Interroll Components - painting by Picchio (more...)

Pictures made in Guatemala by Theo IJzermans (more...)

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