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And I Wonder - Ingmar van Item-Hertmanowski

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I remember I used to smile
a lot when I was little

I remember I didn't like
kindergarten because of
the noise & cries by most
of my fellow schoolmates

I remember always preferring
the forbidden thing to
the imposed thing

I remember that Jeanne d'Arc
got the funeral pyre
And while everybody tells
you that she only fought for
and that we have come
a long way since then,
I wonder why people still die
while defending their freedom

I remember I used to dream

I remember putting up a phrase
above my chamber door
that said:
"Things can only get better"
which they finally did
but not until the day
I removed this note

I remember so many words
spoken by so many mouths
but the only words that
seemed to have some value
to me were the ones
laid down on paper
by some long-forgotten
seekers of Truth
(and even those...)

I remember someone saying
that ugliness singles out
beauty in a superior fashion
as it has a lasting character

And I wonder...
Would I have been another
person if I had been born
in the house next door?


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