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Four Poems - Marie Kazalia

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knock on
my door 10:a.m.
out of bed grumbling
open up
weird for me to see
an Asian man
hearing him speak perfect
American English
the first I've encountered
since returning from Hong Kong
He comes in
asks if the sink leaks---
if I've seen any mice---
eyes sweep up and down
my red silk nightgown
his thoughts nervous suddenly
glance catches my blow-dryer
on the floor
partially covered by paper & books
--he steps closer to get a look
disappointed it's only a blow dryer
and not an electric vibrating dildo--

Marie A. Kazalia 1/15/96



at first when the manager gave me
a portable black & white TV,
really not interested in having it
in my room
but now I leave it turned on
to keep sound in here
drown-out sounds in the hall--
wall pay-phone ringing
with no answer stops--rings again
Hear every shouted word dispute
with the manager--every complaint--
lost keys late rent mail not received
or the night manager after 10 p.m.
even less astute dealing with people
calls the police when
he hears a man snoring
in the womans bathroom--almost directly
across the hall from my room--
the cops come and roust the guy out
a junkie asleep in the bathtub
after he's shot-up
When I hear sounds out there--
some guy pissing loud into toilet water
or a big fat woman grunting & farting
into the toilet bowl--I turn up the volume
only now I'm stuck listening to the TV
day and night or listening to them
when I read and write
want to listen to me

Marie Kazalia 12/25/95


In the hotel

I've had a room for around 6 months
entire time hammering and drilling
going on downstairs
Some white couple with money
constructing a clean spot
in this neighborhood--for selling health food

now that the construction over
I like the fact they are down there
and going to stay--
they keep music playing all day long
sort of a light-muzac-jazzy sound
that drowns-out traffic noises
other tenants voices

Just now an instrumental Beatles tune
Come together
right now
Doot doot Dooot Dee Dah
Doot doot Dooot Dee Dah

I'm glad to have that music
the place a little more bearable with it

Now another Beatles tune, with lyrics

Marie Kazalia 95


no connection

John Duke's
coke head logic
took another swig
off his quart bottle beer
Colt 45
"Bukowski" he said
"used to get drunk and write that stuff"
what in the hell does that
have to do with him
just exactly how did that justify him?
John Duke doesn't write at all
just reads easy library books
like Bertrand Russell's philosophy
and thinks he's an intellectual
while sweeps the G A streets
general assistance supported
debauched life
in a soup kitchen line
one morning
saying things I used to say
when I was eighteen
everything in life is an interesting
but John's middle-aged
his 8-track head clogged
with narrow drugs

Marie Kazalia 3/95


P O Box 422344
San Francisco CA 94142-2344, USA
Telephone (415)447-7334
E-mail: MAKazalia@aol.com

Marie Kazalia was born in Toledo, Ohio but has lived her adult life primarily in the San Francisco bay area, with the exception of four expatriate years in Japan, India, & Hong Kong. She has a BFA degree from California College of Arts and Crafts. Her poetry and fiction have appeared in the literary journals AABYE(UK), Anthology Magazine, Arnazella, Asspants, ATOM MIND, Bloodstone, Caprice, EDGAR, Footsteps, fyuocuk, Galaxy Literary Journal, Lullwater Review, Mercy, Midwest Poetry Review, Mosaic Magazine, Nerve Cowboy, Niederngasse(Swiss), POETRY MOTEL, Rain City Review, SNARK, synapse, Talus & Scree, 2River View, Urban Spaghetti, Vagabond, Vol. No. Magazine, yefief and others, as well as in over 70 electronic literary journals on the Internet (complete list available). She won 3rd prize in the 1998 Serpentine Short Fiction Competition (http://www.serpentinia.com) and has a print chapbook of poetry titled Erratic Sleep in Cold Hotel, forthcoming from Phony Lid Publications.

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