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Cuba Linda - fotografías - Theo IJzermans




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Theo IJzermans (1944-2008) was active as a travel photographer. Since 1990 he was concentrating on Central America and he stayed in Mexico, Cuba and Guatemala. His attention was drawn by the beauty and surprises of ordinary, everyday situations.

In an interview with the Dutch magazine FOTO (June 1997) he said the following about travelling and taking pictures:
"By shooting pictures you start to observe with more concentration. I engage myself in small projects - portraying a particular neighbourhood or special buildings - to structure my journey. After I "visualize" for a certain time, I see and think differently than I normally do, I bring myself in a special mood.
It is almost like a sort of trance. My attention is very concentrated, but I feel at the same time really relaxed. Looking at an unknown surrounding gives me that feeling of trance. For me, that's a kick, I find it fascinating. The combination of travelling, coming into that mood, being on my own, that's what I want."

Mr. IJzermans was a self tought photographer. He worked as a psychologist in Amsterdam, specialized in the psychology of the work situation. He was publishing regularly about his work and had a column in the Dutch weekly Intermediair.

You can visit his own photo collection in an on line album at http://www.theoijzermans.nl/


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