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The Leaf - Don Fraser

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The Leaf

Deep in the forest runs a babbling brook, as it winds it's way through the trees and ferns, a sound can be heard of it's gleeful being. A leaf has been released by its mother the tree, to make room for the oncoming children she will have in the spring. The leaf falls into the babbling brook and it floats over the gentle peacefulness of the brook as if it were playing.

The brook joins the raging stream, the stream had been swollen by the recent rains. It tossed the little leaf up and down and back and forth until it was almost torn to shreds. Yet the leaf holds together.

The raging stream flowed into the more calm river. There the leaf could rest from it's terrible ordeal of the raging stream. The current of the river is not as swift. It is warm and calm, the leaf enjoys floating along in the pace of the river.

The river finally flows into the vast sea bringing the small leaf with it. The leaf will never be seen again.




Don Fraser lives in Vancouver, Canada.

Since a stroke forced him into retirement, he sits in front of his computer day after day, hour after hour writing about his life, and trying to paint pictures with words.



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