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Five Haiku - Kathy Lippard Cobb

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winter twilight__
our breath mingles
before the kiss

Midwest Poetry Review - April 2001

orange blossoms__
the front porch plastered
with "condemned" signs

Modern Haiku - XXXII No. 2 - Summer Issue


scraping frost
off the windshield
no words between us

Acorn - ISSUE 6


a prevailing wind
ripples the moon. . .
he's gone

Raw Nervz - VOLUME 7, 1
(In memory of John Crook)

grandma still lets me
lick the beaters
scent of vanilla

Presence - Issue No. 14




Kathy Lippard Cobb lives in the USA.


You can read another poem by her at this site and also other haiku.



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