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Three Poems - Leslie Jones

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Enclosed in darkness
walking the desolate abbey.
Wind whistling
through cold stones,
the hushed call of life
leaving its warmth outside.
Choices haunt his step,
quickened by the chill
restrained by the rules,
the path becomes a battle
an option itself
a nightmare of forces colliding.
No-one sees but someone judges.
The cloak rough on his skin
recalls the softness forsaken
in search of an objective
now forgotten in months of solitude.
Knowledge, ambition, power
election of the mind.


Wander wondering

I wonder
and wondering is all I can do
I canít affirm,
or take into my arms confidently.
And wondering
I wander
I jump into a lake
blue eyes following me into each dark corner
lost paradise
unknown warmth
pitiful desire.
Wander in wonder
breaking hearts
seducing innocence
crying for escape
for help
for air.


You sleep

I caress your hair
wondering where you inhabit
when you leave our room
for a darker more aware domain.
I kiss your back,
your shoulders,
stroke your smooth skin
amazed at your warmth.
Your absolute presence in my arms
brings tears to my eyes
and, foolishly,
I fear.
I am being wise.


Leslie Jones was born in Argentina in a British family. She now lives in Geneva, Switzerland.


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