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Haiku: Za Vani Odaslat I - Borivoj Bukva

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na podu leze
glumci i maske -
ruza na stolu
on the floor
actors and masks -
on the table a rose
nad krevetom
u rane jutarnje sate
stojim pijan
over my bed I stand
in early morning hours
jedan meni
i jedan tebi griz
one for me
and one for you
bite of an apple
bogomoljka na
prstu djevojke
prati me pogledom
a mantis
on a girl's finder, follows me
with its glance
jeza u noci
mocnici i zlocinci
liyu sladoled
a chill in the night
the powerful and the crooked
licking ice cream
u vodi trazim
nedirnutu ljepotu -
gol golcat
in water I look for
untouched beauty -
stark naked
moj krevet
i tvoj prijatelj -
hladna soba
my bed
and your friend -
cold room
crvene mrlje
u dvorcu od karata
prerezan prst
red stains
in the castle made of cards
the cut finger

kauboj jase
svemirac svemirom


a cowboy riding
along prairie
a spaceman across


Borivoj Bukva is a Croatian poet, working as a machine engineer and living in Rijeka.

Borivoj Bukva was born on November 10, 1948 in Karlovac, Croatia.

Apart from haiku poetry, he writes prose and goes in for fine arts, esotery and theosophy.

He has published the following books: SVJETILJKE I ZIVOT (LAMPS AND LIFE), prose stories, Rijeka,1994; PETA RIJEKA (THE FIFTH RIVER), a collection of poetry, Rijeka,1996; U PROLAZU (PASSING BY), a collection of haiku poetry, Rijeka,1996; DODIR USANA (A TOUCH OF LIPS), a collection of haiku poetry, Rijeka, 1998; MJESECEV JAHAC (THE MOON RIDER), a collection of haiku poetry, Rijka,1999; LEPTIROV POLJUBAC (A KISS OF THE BUTTERFLY), a collection of haiku poetry, Rijeka, 2000; PAS KOJI JE MISLIO DA SAM ZEC (THE DOG WHO THOUGHT I WAS A RABBIT), a collection of haiku poetry, Rijeka, 2001 and SKOK RIBICE (A JUMP OF A FISH), a collection of haiku poetry, Rijeka, 2002.

His articles on various topics of his interest have been published in a number of literary magazines and newspapers, home and abroad. He is a very frequent guest to the radio and TV channels.

With a group of enthusiasts, he has been editing the Internet web page entitled "Karolina Rijecka": http://www12.brinkster.com/karolinarijecka/ and http://www.network54.com/Hide/Forum/212150

You may also find him at: http://www.likoz.croadria.com/bukva.htm | http://aster.avalon.hr/go?id=boro | http://Mahaganesh.freehomepage.com | http://www.alternativa.hr/osobne/borivojbukva.htm |

He is a member of the Haiku Society - Rijeka, the Croatian Haiku Society, the Slovenian Haiku Society, the Croatia-Japan Friendship Society and the Yugoslavia-Japan Friendship Society at the university section of Novi Sad.

He was a representative to the World Haiku Festival 2000 held in Tolmin (Slovenia).

His paintings have been exhibited at the 36 single and 120 group exhibitions, in the country and abroad.

He has illustrated a number of books and he has made a great number of haiga drawings.

He is a recipient of several recognitions and awards for his artistic works.

His poems have been published in literary magazines, on the Internet web pages and in anthologies, in the country and abroad.

U Rijeci 27.01.2003. Borivoj Bukva



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