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Haiku - J.D. Heskin

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delivered last night

the old weathervane--
so worn and rusty it is
anybody's' guess

a slow day--
watching my shadow
watching me                                 

two below zero--
next time I ride the train
I buy a ticket

the fire engine
that passed me up 
turns into my house 

the weather forecast:
heavy rain followed by

so hot
it is all I can do-- 
this haiku

little by little
wind wears away the mountain
season by season 

my poplar planted,
I walk away wondering
who will die first

the winning haiku:
written on a summer day
about a snowstorm

in balanced colors
nature dresses for the day
seasonally chic 

flea market find:
the scribbling of a child
or a Picasso

the fish market~
here and there
I catch a word

she is as elusive
as at a distance

first loves:
the husbands and wives 
of husbands and wives 

it's not always dew
one might see on the rose...
what a relief



J.D. Heskin lives in the inclement wilds of Duluth, Minnesota. His poetry (traditional and otherwise) has been published in print and electronic magazines in the USA and in other countries.



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