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Tanka - Tim W. Younce

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spider web
spun between
canes of a rose-
pressed into the dirt
your knee prints

i see
my universe
contained within
the depths of
your eyes

how hard is it
to forget you?
pulling cockleburs
from the sleeve
of my jacket

leaden gray sky
leaves caught
in a whirlwind-
rustle of your raincoat
as you turn away

high cliff face
simple figure
pecked in stone-
circling hawk



Tim W. Younce, formerly a federal police officer, now writes full-time. He began his foray into tanka in late 2001. His tanka has appeared in Lynx, and in upcoming issues of Tangled Hair and Bottle Rockets. A freestyle poem has appeared in Erased, Sigh, Sigh. He lives in Luray, Virginia (USA) with his wife Penny.



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