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A Poem - Heather Riskind

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All To Say…

Have you ever had the words to say but don’t?
Have you had love to share, but wont?
With all the words you let fly by;
And all the feelings you didn’t try.

Is a simple way to make you cry when someone is gone.
Knowing that you had the chance, but refused to use it.
Even though you say it to the wind, something is missing.
You think….
And think….
You search….
You wait….
Why you ask?
I’ll tell you….

Have you ever had the love said?
But only shared it with the dead.
You can only feel…
But the pain, is to deal.
Your loss is great.
Your pain is great….
You can only hope and wait.

Now you know….
When you have the words to say
And the love to give away.
Say it.
Give it.
No pain is greater than not saying what u feel before it’s too late….




Heather Riskind lives in the USA



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