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A Real Cool Reality (an essay) - Michael Levy

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We have all been told sometime in our lives to "Get Real Dude", but what does this mean? Just what is our reality and how can we change our perception of what we have been taught to believe as reality? If a wasp stings us it hurts. If we buy a stock or bond and it halves in value we "feel" the sting in a different manner. This sure feels real enough. Just simple things like having a contractor make repairs to our home can devastate some of us. We have all been told by a workman "Don't Worry, I will treat your home as though it is my own." Little did we know the guy lives in Pompeii.

Throughout our live many events will come along to test our resolve. Some of these event are happy, some are sad. As long as we draw breath there will be a continuation of daily actions which we will make us react. Some of these we have a certain amount of control over. Some we have none. These events are part and parcel of the human experience and whilst we may not like all that Goes on, the show will Go on all the same.

We look around and our eyes show us a scene of our surroundings but everything is constantly changing so how real can that be. When we look towards the sky we see the stars but many of them no longer exist. They disappeared billions of years ago but we still see their light.

The light we receive comes from the Sun. All the magnificent colors we see all around are gasses burning on the Sun. They are filtered through the light that hits earth and react to various particles of matter. So you could say color is an illusion. We just see the millions of different shades and marvel at the beauty. The reality is in the invisible rays of light.

In Physics color is described as a theoretical property that distinguishes the various states in which quarks exist. In other words matter mirrors anti matter.

You are reading this article and the very second you digest the information it has become history. Each moment becomes the past in an instant. We live our lives as a grain of sand trickling through an hour glass. An hour, a day, a month, a century, all pass in a fleeting flash. We can make plans for the future but what if we are not around to fulfill our dreams. What we must understand is nothing stays the same. Nothing is that serious that it take away the Joy of the moment.

Every cell, molecule and atom in our bodies will all change over a two year period. So even our physical being is different from what it was. If we only see life through a limited perspective of what we know, then it can be compared to being invited to an amazing banquet and only eating bread and water.

I have recently returned from a two week tour of Italy and have visited many Churches, Basilicas, Temples and Holy Shrines. All monuments depicting the cultures and religions spanning two thousand years. Throughout this period of magnificent building, Wars, Suffering, Bigotry and Hatred was being perpetrate by the very folks who were giving orders to build the holy shrines. Following our Egos limited perspective of life has lead to many disastrous actions. A total misunderstanding of reality and we base our culture on similar rules and regulations today.

We have learnt nothing from two thousand years of mayhem. At this very moment thirty Wars are going on in the world today. Each tribe defending or attacking with their version of reality. People are still living in suppressed and poor conditions in third world countries and even in the rich Countries people suffer mentally. What is it all about? Why do we continue to adopt a lifestyle that is harmful mentally and then manifesting into physical sickness?

We must come to terms with our perception of reality. If things are constantly changing and nothing stays the same, what is there to worry about. Nothing can be considered as real for nothing physical lasts. NO MATTER WHAT, NO MATTER LASTS.

As we detach our memories from the shackles of the past we begin find peace of mind. We Release the conditioned minds narrow view of how we would like life to be. We are now attaching our thoughts to a power source that is everlasting and will not fail us. No short circuit.
No disappointment.
No illusion.
No worry.
No anxiety.

All the real things that enhance our lives cannot be seen, touched and felt in the physical way. They will be transported into our senses so that we will see, hear, feel, touch and smell The Divine and this will come to us when we are in a sense of Joy. For there is the yardstick of our attachment.
Beyond wants.
Beyond needs.
Beyond the physical traumas of everyday life.

Just as our shadow is a reflection of our physical form, just as a mirror is a reflection of our form, our physical form is a reflection of our true selves. Billions of invisible particles are floating around to form different life forms. The blueprint of a human gene is a copy of invisible matter, which is our true identity.

In the silence of our thoughtless mind our soul will connect us to our reality and once we feel the Eternal Infinite Touch of God we will not want to go back to living a false reality. We will transform into a Healthy Wealth Wise Powerhouse of Joy for all our friends and family to follow.

There will always be those who will ridicule and belittle us, but I think we will be able to handle that, don't you. There is an old saying which goes "TRY" and if at first you don't succeed "TRY" "TRY" AGAIN. We will find there is no effort involved in finding happiness enshrined in love. There was never any effort and no need "To TRY" for there is no failure. It is all a learning experience and the longer we live the more we learn. We will continue to find our true selves and become one with all that is REAL.
We will learn to trust our instincts more.
We will find our awareness of dangers is stronger, so we will avoid trouble.
We will become more tolerant of other and learn to forgive passed hurtful experiences.

The need to defend will be replaced with the need to love. We are transient beings living in a finite form. We live on the tick of a clock, moments in time, then the moment is gone. There are billions of invisible particles that are our true being. We are constructed from our own reality and possess infinite possibility for we born out of eternity.

We are given freedom of choice within a whole range of possibilities, preprogrammed, yet free willed at the same time. Our thought dimensions are our image creators, which filter through our imagination. As we unlock our treasures of the Cosmos, we will begin to understand the meaning of real. Spirit colors our thoughts with the paintbrush of the Soul.

As we sail through life we will slowly uncover our true self and the joy of each experience becomes more and more ecstatic. A flotilla of magical moment journeying to a mystical paradise. We release the memories of fear and our emotions are ablaze with the Joy of knowing we are connected to all that exists, Dimensions of the Real flood our brain cells.

When the time comes to live in the "real" totally, we will be back Home in Eternity. For now our reality is to Enjoy each moment in the REAL SENSE and that is A Real Cool Reality.

God wears a REAL colorful designer Label.

© July 2000


Michael Levy is an American writer, who has also published a poem at this site.


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