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Three Sijo - Debra Woolard Bender

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Sijo 1.

Long kisses in the car ahead,
stoplight red, me blushing, too.

His eyes for her - how close they sit,
the light turns green and so do I.

Remember when we parked all night? Ah! departed lovers, all.


Sijo 2.

Indian summer stole the day
as if in chamois moccasins.

Loneliness hunts my waking hours,
so why not find early sleep?

I fall prey to you in dreams,
my head bound in white feathers.


Sijo 3.

On my bookshelves bound with stars,
lies the stuff that man is made of,

Flotsam from that burst of light
hurled as fire spun into space...

Whose stardust did I wipe just now
so casually from Socrates?


Debra Woolard Bender lives in the United States. She had published sijo at this site before.


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