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Out of Season - Bryan Murphy

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In Hong Kong,
frozen dew on a hillside flower
elicits tailbacks from the city.

Here in Sofia, where traffic
flows too thin to jam,
unwelcome October snowflakes
toy with the city
like apprentice alchemists.

Flat tower blocks roofs
are thin in their cover:
chimney stacks, aerials, logs protrude.
Sloping roofs below shape better,
obliquely white. Cottages,

though few remain, fare better still:
each detail of trellis, porch or tree
magnified by snow, their
blemishes, rust, decay extinguished,
individuality heightened,

as Mammon coats the eyes, the ears,
of cottagers, tower-dwellers, homeless,
with dreams of cargo,
like Chinese whispers,
and bides his time.



Bryan Murphy lives in Turin, Italy.

You can read more of his poems at this site: Tangorino and Under The Dragon's Eye.


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