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Two Songs - Sylomun Weah

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Driven by nightmares and fears
For reasons known and not known
Our plights told or untold
We stand at your doorsteps and knock
Though disorientated, distressed
Dejected, desperate, disheartened
Disillusioned, distracted, despondent
And discouraged our feeling may be;
Weep not Refugees, be strong be hopeful
For a home away from a home we seek

Soul Man



Lost in their thoughts and toil
Like ants and bees they task themselves
Hunger and thirst are momentarily frozen
Artist. Operation and mission; Creation
The clock ticks but, no one cares
To leave and go home now, no one dares
One more splash of paint
One more song to compose
One more track to cut
One more piece to design
The creation seizes the emotions
And the obsession intensifies
With no desire to quit
The work goed on and on...

Soul Man, November 1997


The Soul Man comes from Liberia (West Africa), but lives in The Netherlands.

Notice © 1998 IP and the author

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