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Three Poems - Mark Scott Bagula

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The swish of hips,
my arm low and tight-
trying to control motion
like a seatbelt

when gravity has made
its demands on inertia.

I stroke your hair,
scratch behind your ears.

I try to open your mind
with its firm grasp of morbid

reality, and after a few times
of doing it, and taliking about
doing it, we both run like
a racehorse fully open.

1998. Mark Scott Bagula


Windy Moments

The Moment:

The last time we decided
we would not sleep
because living was just far enough
from monotony, we had recently

forgotten our
shrunken version
perfectly proportioned
coffin to walk in.

The Lost Moment:

Slipped through the fingers
      like rotten fruit squeezed too tight:
      your sun-blond hair right at that point
      where it autumns fast into brown.

The Last Moment:

Anyway, then was well before
      we watched the emotion
      escape in thin streams
      from our drafty bodies.

1998. Mark Scott Bagula


Visions of the Free

She hopes to catch them in the lie
of twilight calling itself morning-
beginning to bleed into the sky she's walking on.
She steps around that pool of blood [the sun], then dives
right in. She swims to the cracked eggshell edge,
looks down upon all the places and people she has left-
the fragments of heaven scattered restlessly that kept her
from wholeness.

1998. Mark Scott Bagula


I write poetry and articles. Recently, these publications have accepted my work for publication: Art Times, Ilya's Honey, Riverrun, Midwest Poetry Review, ZuZu's Petals, Poetry Motel, Phoenix, CER*BER*US, La Pierna Tierna, The Fractal Translight Newletter, Poet's Edge, Once Upon A World, Plainsongs, Barbaric Yawp, Eidetic Annals, Flipside, The Sunday Suitor, University of San Diego Law Review, Micropress Midlands Poetry, The Writer's Gazette, and Poetalk.

I have a Bachelor of Arts degree from University of California at San Diego (UCSD) and a Juris Doctorate from University of San Diego. I have traveled to 23 countries, been a student in Hong Kong, been a licensed stockbroker, and spent a year in Taiwan consulting and learning Chinese. I am now a lawyer in California. On occasion, since becoming a lawyer, I have taught Legal English to summer students at UCSD.

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