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Victoria Park - Erick Ambuso Adera

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Victoria Park

Oh Victoria Park my darling, my love;
Provider of shades to worn out limbs:
Nurturer of trees and flowers and grass
Keeper of hoppers and ants and crickets,
Shelterer of birds and nests of birds.

In negelect you preserve your dignity,
Abuse and frustration mean nothing
You have lived; 65 long years!
Older than father and mother
Yet hinting at no gray hair.

When I come to have my morn rest,
Armed with a book to keep me company;
The lark that you housed for the night
Sing happily nearby on a mango tree;
A mango tree you reared to fulness, to maturity.

Oh Victoria Park my darling, my love
Side glances only you receive
Nobody wants to pay you attention.
No one wants to know your needs know more;
And respond!

Say fencing you a new,a new
And keeping you safe and secure;
From criss-crossing paths of human tresspassers:
From the hooves of marauding cattle,
I see partaking of your hallowed grass.



Erick Ambuso Adera is 26 years old, an African from the country of Kenya in East Afirca.

My intellectual interests include world history,political economy and literature.

I wrote the poem want to present when I was having my morning rest one Saturday at VIctoria Park, situated in Kisumu District. The neglect of the park touched me and I decided to compose a poem on it.


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