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On Diversity - Hillol Ray

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On Diversity: four poems


Clouds in the sky have different shade -
They glow in lights, either dim or fade !
Suddenly new ones come and cloak the air,
To renew our visions and make things fair !

Rainbows are born among the light and rain -
To soothe viewer's eyes and remove all pain !
Life bathes in motion to plant the new seeds,
And waits for creatures with creative deeds !
This goes on and on since the ancient days,
And people just flock, like bright sun rays !

We know, color or creed works as a dam -
To promote any progress, or create a jam !
No one gains through the screeching halt,
'Cause faith is taken with a grain of salt !
But removal of notions may clear the way,
And build the bridge that will never sway !

So, let us all now blend our ethnic voice,
To kill any prejudice, or color of choice !
Progress via Diversity: let it be the key -
Around the globe, from heaven to sea !!!


Storm in a Tea Cup

I woke up in the morning to drink some tea -
But suddenly I noticed a strange honey bee !
She was buzzing all over the room,
So I picked up a long yellow broom !
Soon I chased her out but she stung my face,
'Cause she was mad to follow a broom race !
Out of fear, I jumped on a too small table,
When my leg slipped and broke the TV cable !
Tea was spilled and I got a strong hiccup,
What a mishap ! A storm in a tea cup !!!!


Indigenous Peoples: The Fabric of Global Humanity

Historians of all ages agree that the colonization 
Construed the violation of human rights-
While the New World saw the racism, 
Massacres, starvation, and the "Indian fights"!
Such practices today, known as the ethnic cleansing 
And genocide, are still going on-
And seem appalling 'cause subjugation 
Was legally sanctioned from dusk until dawn!

As per indigenous law, indigenous interests 
Can hold native title with restrictive clause-
While the law introduced by Euro immigrants 
Obscures native title via excuses and flaws!
Indigenous peoples were truly marginalized 
Without allowing them any turn around time-
By dominant descendents of Europeans 
Who valued indigenous lives with nickel or dime!

The harshness of this fallacy caused some people 
To disappear or become victims of race-
And still feel separation from their lands 
While allowing sadness to permeate global face!
Indigenous peoples, forcibly separated from their heritage, 
Continue to tackle the fears-
Of poverty and marginalization, loss of culture 
And language, followed by trail of tears!

Social problems like alcoholism and suicide 
Are creeping in to suppress the hidden pain-
Among the indigenous peoples, lying below 
The social structures, and without any gain!
Threatening from political upheavals and 
Civil wars are creating tantrums in their mind-
While modern conservation policies protect the animals, 
But keep these humans behind!

Being driven out of homeland, they became unable 
To lead life in their traditional way-
And facing hardship with assimilation 
While modern world is not fast enough to sway!
Language, religion or cultural beliefs of theirs 
Are object of ridicule and found in the tale-
While the values, inherent to their knowledge, 
Is unrecognized and going down to hell!

To curb down discrimination against them, 
My pen is scribbling under moonlit night-
And vows to draw global attention 
To their problems before they become out-of-sight!
I appeal to the "dominant community" 
To embrace them with passions and heartfelt love-
And allow them to live as fabric of global humanity 
With blessings from the Lord above!

Well, as I conclude with my thoughts, 
I can view a glittering star on the horizon now-
And hear a whisper from the United Nations 
That stands ready with its' priority vow!
The progress towards reconciliation is a necessity 
To enforce the rules without a flaw-
While violators of human rights must be punished 
To show that no one is above the law!!


ICC**: The Beacon of Human Rights (HR)

To end impunity for the most heinous crimes 
Under international law, the reality is here-
Through the birth of ICC the humanity has achieved 
A milestone and is so proud to share!
The unequivocal message emerging from ICC 
Will control the abuses of human rights-
While the international humanitarian law 
Will ask the perpetrator to end bloody fights!

An unflagging fearless determination to uphold 
The cause of human rights will be the key-
Used by ICC, to protect the poor, oppressed 
And victims of injustice, from heaven to sea!
The rules will be deployed impartially to promote 
The justice wherever it finds the need-
Even under the shadow of desperate situation, 
Created by terror or an abominable deed!

Vigilance is essential, and security shouldn't be 
Achieved by sacrificing the human rights-
While respect for democracy and social justice 
Will prove prophylactic against any fights!
So ICC is too proud to rejoice for its ability 
To strengthen the moral conscience or power-
And will protect the innocent victims of vicious violence 
Directed from the unseen tower!

Any small sacrifice of basic freedoms in the battle 
Against human rights is totally wrong-
And efforts are needed to promote tolerance, 
Followed by harmony, as a melodious song!
Violence should never be accepted by members 
Of one belief against another at any time-
Rather, we must elevate our global humanity 
At a higher level, and punish the war crime!

Let us remember that diversity gives the human species 
Its splendor and there's no doubt-
While moral clarity or intellectual accuracy 
Are needed in each judgment to stop a shout!
So, I admire the efforts of ICC, and am sure, 
It will be the beacon of human rights-
By focusing its thoughts to humanitarian law 
And bring our future bathed in lights!!

** The International Criminal Court (ICC) will be 
a permanent court for trying individuals' accused 
of committing genocide, war crimes and crimes 
against humanity.  
The ICC will enter into force on July 1, 2002 and be 
established over the course of the next year.  

This poem is being dedicated by the author as a goodwill 
gesture towards ICC for its efforts to promote 
the value of human rights (HR) -   

Hillol Ray (HR), 04/14/2002

Biographical Sketch

Hillol Ray, Poet Laureate, Author, and Song Writer, is an Environmental Engineer/Manager of Drinking Water Supply Enforcement Program, with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in Dallas, Texas.

He has been writing poetry since the age of six, in his native language "Bengali". His poems are regularly published in Bengali magazines from Asia, Europe, Canada, Sweden, and North America and are currently being translated into English, Swedish, Spanish, German and French languages. Many issues of "Six Country Reporter" at EPA in Dallas have also published his English poems.

But one of his recent poems, "Earth Day", has made him an "overnight" sensation. It was read at several local observations, presented at a celebration in Arizona, displayed by the Dallas Museum of Art, and has been published worldwide. It also earned him letters of personal recognition from President Bill Clinton, Vice President Al Gore, Jr. and Indian Ambassador S.S. Ray (no relation) in Washington, DC.

In addition, he has received letters of personal appreciations for his poems from Madame Francine Cousteau, President of the Cousteau Society, Inc. in Paris, France, (and wife of world renowned Oceanographer Jacques-Yves Cousteau), and also from Mother Teresa of Calcutta, India. Recently his poems "Old Wine in New Bottle", "Homogenization - A Millennium Dream" have been selected as "Choice Poem" by the Australian Poetic Society.

His poems have been displayed by the J.C. Penney, Inc., University of San Francisco in California, Cultural Association of Bengal in New York, Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX; University of New Hampshire in Durham, New Hampshire; Rangsit University in Thailand, Bangkok; NetFriends of Tibet Site in Stockholm, Sweden; and also on the web pages of EPA in Washington, DC, the Asian-American Village from Boston, Massachusetts, and many other web sites from the USA and abroad.

Recently, the lyrics from his poem "Diversity" have been included in the song album "Star Route U.S.A." released by Amerecord from Hollywood, California. He is frequently invited as a Guest Poet and Seminar Moderator by the various cultural organizations, educational institutions, and public and university libraries and has been interviewed by numerous television stations.

His biography has been published in the International Directory of Distinguished Leadership (Eighth and Ninth Editions - published by American Biographical Institute, Inc. from Raleigh, North Carolina), and poems have appeared in many popular anthologies. To name a few, "The Crystal Prism" published by the CGS Communications in Fort Worth, Texas; as well as "Edge of Twilight", "Best Poems of the '90s", "A Delicate Balance", "Best Poems of 1995", "Of Sunshine and Daydreams", "Essence of a Dream", "Through the Looking Glass", "Best Poems of 1997", "Chambers of Time", "Beneath A Rainbow", "Chasing the Wind", "A Painted Garden", "Melodies of The Soul", "Verdant Lands of Spring", "Best Poems of 1998", "Fabric of Life", "The Rustling Leaves", "Of Summer's Passing", "The Peace We Knew", "The Promise of Dawn", and "Outstanding Poets of 1998", published by the National Library of Poetry in Owings Mills, Maryland.

An interview with Hillol Ray.

You can read more of his work at http://www.indianest.com/writers/hillolray.htm.


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