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Harmony Redux - Gerard R. Griffin

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Harmony Redux

(A Short Story)

Once upon a time, very far away, on a planet in a galaxy not unlike earth, the ruling council finally reached agreement on a plan of action to save the people of their world from sure extinction. Harmony would implode just six months from this fateful day. The people had to relocate to a planet in another galaxy.

The plan was simple. Orbit one of Harmony's Righteous Satellites above earth, the planet selected as their emigration destination. In one week's time, jam all earth communications to broadcast a warning announcement that, in six months, the people of harmony would arrive to peacefully co-habitate earth after behaviors throughout the nations had been modified to harmonic standards.

The process would be simple, certain and physically painless! Many people and institutions throughout the world already embraced the environment - practiced the behavior and the spirit sought by the people of Harmony, the announcement would explain. The difference would be that, without exception, it would be necessary for all people to adjust their behavior to the expectations of Harmony's people - within twenty-two weeks!

The announcement would explain the Harmonic Philosophy, which would drive the cleansing. By September 1, 2009, Harmony's people would arrive to universal peace on earth and good will toward all men. That was the plan.

No more war. Never a discouraging word. No crime. No rudeness. Empty all the prisons. No more disease or illness. Natural death with dignity in each person's own time. Absolutely responsible behavior in all things - from healthy living, good decisions, random acts of kindness, no smoking or excessive drinking, absolutely no drugs, cheating, crime, pollution, littering, vandalism, child or spousal abuse or discrimination. There would be order, acceptance and diversity. Equal justice for all would rule the days and nights throughout all nations.

The classic Golden Rule would define expected behavior. Simple. Certain.

Life would be productive and orderly. And, in one week's time, at 6:00 A.M. around the world, Harmony's Righteous Satellite would begin the cleansing with universal efficiency. Each person acting against The Golden Rule after April 15, would simply, without any warning - be eliminated - removed from earth - disappear. No excuses. No second chances. No appeal. No woulda, coulda, shoulda would be heard. Just certain, immediate elimination. Any man, woman or child over six choosing to challenge the mandate would be immediately eliminated as the Righteous Satellite quietly circled the earth eliminating transgressors.

And so it was. And so it came to be that earth reverted to that joyful, happily-ever-after place where the sun comes up every morning - just as earth began.


May 28, 2001



Gerard R. Griffin is a writer from Portland, OR, USA.


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