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Iím sorry in advance - Linda Leeson

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Iím sorry in advance
Your bedís not made today
But I have a patient here
Whose chest pain wonít go away

Iím sorry in advance
Youíre not happy with your meal
Dietary does try hard sir,
To give it some appeal

Iím sorry in advance
Your morning pills are late
Iíve a patient climbing out of bed
That I must try to sedate

Iím sorry in advance
Your mattress isnít soft
We do need some new beds maíam
But these things do cost a lot.

Iím sorry in advance
I didnít get to comb your motherís hair
Iíve a patient with emphysema
Sheís scared, she canít get air

Iím sorry in advance
Your fathers still in pain
Iím trying to reach his doctor
Iíll have to try again

Iím sorry in advance
Your dressings arenít yet done
But a patient has just passed away,
I offered solace to his son,

Iím sorry in advance
Iím not cheery as a bird
Iíve worked 12 hours, my feet ache
I asked for help, but no one heard

Iím sorry in advance
Iíve only two hands and two feet
Iím trying to care for you, patient
Your needs, I want to meet

My 12 hours now are 16,
No replacement could be found
My aching feet they cry out
My head begins to pound

Iím sorry in advance
I cannot meet your gaze
My eyes are filled with tears
Your face is just a haze

If I could sit down for a minute
And maybe grab a bite
Phone my kids to say I love them
And Iíll be late again tonight

Iím sorry in advance
I didnít do all that must be done
If I worked any faster
Iíd soon begin to run

When I do get to hold your hand
Or wipe your furrowed brow
Please understand, dear patient
I care for you and how

I see your pain, I sense your fear
Your anger in a glance,
Our health care service is failing you
Iím sorry in advance.



Linda Leeson is a licensed Practical Nurse in Vernon Jubilee Hospital Vernon, B.C., Canada


Notice © 2001 IP and the author

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