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Introduction on Impressions - Carla Baarspul


I was born in the province of Zeeland (The Netherlands) in 1951.

I drew a lot when I was young, but I decided to start painting relatively late in life. In 1995 I graduated the Wackers Art School in Amsterdam.

Painting and drawing from observation has my preference, in which the light and the ambience are of the upmost importance.
I prefer making portraits, but also landcapes and seascapes captivate me. Sometimes I work on assignments, e.g. painting portraits.
I work rather quick and sketchy. You can see the result in my flamenco drawings..
I use various techniques, but sketching musicians when they perform has my preference.

1992       Fortress Museum, Naarden (group exposition)
1994       Old Church, Amsterdam (group exposition Holland Festival)
1995       Amsterdam North (group exposition Sail Amsterdam
                / SBK Amsterdam)
1996       Gallery Centrum Diabolo, Amsterdam
1996       Gallery Het Gouden Briefke, Middelburg
1996       Amstel Church, Amsterdam (group exposition)
1996       International Institute for Social History, Amsterdam
1997       Open Studio Exposition, Amsterdam
1997       Gallery Jan Steen, Amsterdam (group exposition)
1998       Barbara Church, Culemborg (group exposition)
                / organized by Lek Art '98
1998       Exposition in De Keizerskroon, Amsterdam
1999       Exposition in De Kamer van Pip, Amsterdam
2000       Stadsschouwburg Haarlem (group exposition)
2001       Concertzaal Kadens - Haarlem (solo exposition))

Posters, illustrations in booklets and for the press (Perscombinatie, NRC), CD covers for the Royal Concertgebouw, Netherlands Philharmonic Orchestra, Nationaal Muziekinstrumenten Fonds, Nederlands Jeugd Strijk Orkest, Koninklijke Christelijke Oratorium Vereniging Excelsior.

More work at this site:
- four portraits ;
- four seascapes ;
- performing musicians .


Carla Baarspul
Linnaeusstraat 76 III
telefoon 020-6945810

She has her own website.


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