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A gRaffiTi - Sebastian Meer

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A gRaffiTi

With spray paint cans
Upon blank walls
A statement Made
In letters tall

It's mostly names
Of those who came
In search of
Fifteen minute fame

Some colour in
A street of grey
To hide the filth
For one more day

Should we chastise
Those who take part
Or recognise
This crime as art



Sebastian Meer: "I was born in the English Lake District in 1969 and spent the first part of my life on the west coast of Cumbria. I then moved to Lancaster in 1983 and discover that there was more to life than having fun.

My family is great and even seem to like some of the stuff that I write. My partner has been extremely supportive in this and my writing projects, having gone back to work full time to allow me to do the housework and allocate more time for my writing.

I've written poems, short stories and even started novels on a number of occasions (without much success so far). But I am still learning, so heres to the future. Happy reading, happy writing.

My main website can be found at: smeer.co.uk".


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