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Eight Haiku - Richard Stevenson

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Twenty below ...
one paw on the cement step
and the cat turns tail
"Do your business" --
dog pees on the carport post
to avoid the snow
Big smile, twinkling eyes --
a Christmas tree, just for me?!
dog cocks his leg and pees
One night layover?
Canada geese gabble at
the frozen shore line
How cold is it now?
As I close the car door,
the handle breaks off!
Brazen, insistent --
paint-by-number Christmas lights
help us join the lines
Not a sputter, cough,
just a begrudging click, whine:
car's had enough too!
Cobalt horizon --
sky gone gun-metal grey
one star visible


Richard Stevenson lives in Lethbridge, Southern Alberta (Canada). He works at Lethbridge Community College, where he teaches Canadian and Children's Literature, Creative Writing, and Business Communication.

As for prior publications, Thistledown Press in Saskatoon, SK just published his twelfth collection, "Live Evil: A Homage To Miles Davis". Other recent publications include a New & Selected volume, "A Murder of Crows" ( Black Moss Press, 1998 ) and a collection of light verse, "Nothing Definite Yeti" ( Ekstasis Editions, 1999 ) as well as various haiku, senryu, and tanka in American Tanka, American Haiku, Stirring, Poetry In The Light, 3rd Muse, etc.

When he's not teaching or writing poetry, he runs a reading series, write reviews and does a little editing, or, occasionally, performs with two jazz/poetry troupes, Naked Ear (doing a Miles homage set) and Sasquatch (doing YA verse). He has recently recorded a first CD with Naked Ear, a spin-off project from the Miles book and various web installations / collaborations of jazz poetry and computer art with local artist Marlene Menard.


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