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Three Poems - j.n. foster

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Sin does burlesque in cemetery trees
alluvial as the lattice work
of a wicker man
cardinal as staghorn sumac
a nougat laced fecundity
ready to foal
bane and gecko-like
nursing at her bare feet
painted robin egg blue
and conical black



I'm creating a new darkness
my own mythology
a hand tinted synergy of lust
lighted against a background of downy madness
my own fetish photography's
gallery showing of emotion
swirling with the black and white sex
of women with women

Throwing off gender
already an antique
madonna birthed truths
naked with new reality
death returning to a non-exsistent state
trimming the wick of daylight down
to a newly emerging flame



I've been reading lesbian poetry
thinking of my own femininity
the goth, the sway, the bi-curiosity
of phantom female lovers
clutching my monogamus heart
and fucking to the power of the tenth muse
an antebellum
seduced by the desire
for a toe ring and painted nails
the porn of moments
coming bunting like
to chamois my naked oeuvre



j.n. foster is an American writer, who lives in Maryville, MO. The illustration © j.n. foster.

You can see more of his photographs at this site.


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