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Gone Too Soon - Jennifer Bryant

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You were young when I came into your life
And young when you were taken from mine
Making it so evident that HE decides our fate and time
Then why Lord did you make now her time to go?
She had a long life ahead of her with a daughter to love
and help grow
I don't think it's right and I don't think it's fair,
This seems like an act of one who doesn't care.

Always in search of the greatest high
Never realizing we weren't meant to fly
You once told me you were proud of me
And that you knew I would make it
With all my heart, I thank you
And will be thinking of you when I seize the day and take it
You were a complex person, not letting many see
Your softer side
Although, we knew you had one, it's far too large to hide

I care about you more than I let you know
I wish I could've told you that before you had to go
Forever you will remain in all my thoughts
You are my sister, therefore, we'll never really part.



Jennifer Bryant lives in Bradford, Massachusetts (USA).

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