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A Poem - M.J. Marin

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Watching a leaf in the wind flying,
I couldn't stop myself from crying,
As I realized life was taking away my hearts desire.

Why the assimilation?
people might say
Ooh it is so easy to understand!
For just like the leaf
firmly rooted to its tree
So was my heart's desire
firmly rooted to me.

But thanks to the unfornute nature of the world,
I realized my heart's desire was not as strong.
As the wings of time enfolded us both,
like the leaf shrivels and from the branch falls
So did his love wither and it is no more.

And so I watch that shriveled leaf
Flying away from the branch of its tree
Tears washing the sadness in my face
As I watch my heart's desire flying
far far away from me.


M.J. Marin 1998



M.J. Marin was born in Managua, Nicaragua and currently resides in New Jersey, USA. She attends the New Jersey University. Eventhough her Major is political Science, she has recently discovered an inner desire to express herself in writing, be it Poetry or Short Stories. She has considered her future and now she is sure that she wants to become a writer. She also writes in Spanish and she does have poems in both languages.

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