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Two Poems - Michael D. Grover

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Corporate Takeover and Pigeons

I was sharing my blueberry muffin breakfast

With some pigeons on the side of the coffee shop.

I noticed that there was one smaller pigeon.

It looked scruffy and beaten up.

Whenever it began to eat,

The big pigeon would chase it off.

So now I am starting to question

Is greed a learned behavior,

Or is it a natural instinct?


This changes everything, I致e got a lot of catching up to do.

I need to buy some land so I can kick people off of it.

Maybe I値l corner the market on blueberry muffins.

If you want one, you値l have to come through me.

I値l set up sweat shop bakeries in third world countries

To exploit the cheap labor.

I値l buy some pet pigeons

And treat them like material possessions.

Maybe I値l buy out the world.

For now . . .

I値l just enjoy the muffin

One blueberry at a time.



The Way The Jazz Man Held His Sax

He held his sax like a baby.

He was rocking it to sleep.

As the others played their breaks.

Like the embrace of a lover,

He held that sax tight against his body.

Meanwhile the band played on.

He tightly held that saxophone.

He played it once again,

Softly and smooth like a trane coming through.

He held that sax like a baby.

Sax man leaned and bent swaying with the music.

He lived the music, he was the music.

He put every ounce of soul and emotion inside of him,

Into that music.

And when it was all over,

He held that sax like a baby.

With all the reverence of a lovers embrace.

Like jazz was a sacred religion,

And this spot on the market place

Was his holy ground.



Michael Grover
P.O. Box 250478
Glendale, Ca 91225-0478
+1 (818)547-6008

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