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Haiku For African-American Artists - Joy Carter Wilson

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Haiku #1 Eddie Lee Kendrick
A Spiritual Journey
Heavenly non-stop

Haiku #2 Floyd Cooper's paintings
in African Beginnings
Breathtaking 'til end

Haiku #3 Edmonia Lewis
Produced large visions of life
Genuine sculptress

Haiku #4 "The Banjo Lesson"
Henry Ossawa Tanner
His most famous work

Haiku #5 Jacob A. Lawrence
Narrative style, flat color
Yes! "This is Harlem"

Haiku #6 Sculptor and Artist
Check Elizabeth Catlett's
Bronze Louis Armstrong

Haiku #7 Lois Mailou Jones
talent with commanding brush
strokes "Meditation"

Haiku #8 Robert Duncanson
Research his notable gift
Middle name is Scott


By Joy Carter Wilson for the Intercultural Platform


Joy Carter Wilson has "Poems for Afrika's Children and "21 Mental Exercises" to her self-publishing credit as well as Artist Performances to Theater Guilds & Living History Museums.
She is a member of the Louisiana State Poetry Society & NOMMO Literary Society. Joy is a HUD retiree who lives with her husband and continues to write in Louisiana.

Read more of her work at this site.

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