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Three Poems - Roger Bagula

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A Tree Growing From My Chest

Should I die (or fade out gently)
Plant my body (freeze my soul)
So that a tree grows from my chest (that I feed a new life ).
Subtext, context, wisdom,
I sometimes feel so dead-alive.
Should we live so long (as young-old men do)
That the earlier me has become a total stranger?
Naivete and ideals,
All spoiled by the reality of experience (spilled blood and worms).
The diversity of complexity,
The blurring black lines in older weaker eyes.
Should I live (and have new children)
Plant my seed in a new generation,
So that a tree grows from my chest.

© R.L.Bagula 10 July 1998


What She Did To Me

(black humor)

They tell me I had electroshock therapy,

But I can't seem to remember it.

And everything seems a little vaguer

than it should

about my past.

Although I still remember how she dumped me

and ran off with that other guy!

And I cry myself to sleep

(Sometimes I wish that I weren't me).

I was sure she was

My One True Love.

It makes me so wild

my skin begins to tingle all over

And I want to be somewhere else.

It was acting out these frustrations

That got me into this straight jacket

in a padded room,

But I still believe in True Love!

© R.L.Bagula 22 Oct 1998


The Nowhere Man From Neverland

A blurry person
Slurred speech
Out of focus
Rumpled clothes
No real edges...

No one can say quite who or where he is
Or where he live

He's there

He's everywhere

But not so you can put you finger on him!

They plot add campaigns based on him
He is a big study of the business crowd
demographically speaking....

He's Mister Average

He's that normal that isn't there
(as statistics sees it).

He's us!

© R.L.Bagula 7 Sept 1998


Roger L. Bagula
11759Waterhill Road
Lakeside,Ca 92040-2905

URL: http://home.earthlink.net/~tftn
URL: http://www.geocities.com/ResearchTriangle/Thinktank/7279/

Image © by Roger Bagula.

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