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Four Poems - Nejla Yerlikaya

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One warm night in June
The sky was so perfect
And the stars just so mirthful
All the same my heart is in pain
Against my wishes the stars shine on

Even though I almost envy the moon
Imprisoned in a field of stars
Being alone in the crowd has lost its charm
On this warm night in June
Against my wishes the stars shine on

Donít pressure me much Wind
Take your moist lips away from my desolation
Can the darkness hide my sins
How itís always in unison that
Against my wishes the stars shine on

Distant Cloud stop your crying
As faded Hope sucks on my clammy skin
My soul your tears are flooding
On this unfeeling night in June
Against my wishes the stars shine on

Dawn is breaking now at last
How nice a bright new day to start
I want to take a deep deep breath
I know that on this sweet June morning
The sun will be here pretty soon


Blank is black
Black is my chance
My chance is you
but where are you ?

You are blank
Blank is your heart
No, you can't be my chance, because
You are not in my heart, in fact.


I know those birds.
I had given them
some bread and
some water last day.
but, however
they run away
from me
and they look at me
with fear.
bread and water
aren't enough
to win
someone's confidence

Children year...

A small child is crying,
An urchin child.
His lips are twisted,
His heart is broken.
He is cleaning his face
With his dirty hands.
His shoes are raggid
And his rags are full of patches
He doesn't know about
This year is children year
And he will never know that
He has been a child


Nejla Yerlikaya: "I'm from Turkey. I love poems, movies, songs and all branches of fine arts. But my job is about science. I wrote about 500 poems, 50 songs, and some scripts for movies.".


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