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Six Poems - Ingrid Sigurdson

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Multiple Urges

Feeling pure electricity,
Making love day and night,
Urges in multiplicity,
A source of raw delight.

Lusting every taste,
Craving every smell,
Aching for every touch,
I'm in Love ....
           Can't you tell?

Primary urges,
Basic human need,
Filled with passion surges,
Soon my heart will bleed.



Strange vibes are lurking,
To see is to strain,
The lazy cannot derive,
This meaning is smirking,
Fear is laughing.
Anger travels as a train,
Power, endurance of hate ... resentment.
So heartache won't dominate
And feeling alone won't overcome,
This victim of circumstance.
Cold ... hard anger will survive.
I will as well ... right alongside.
Charming appearances what a facade,
Life's fun ... hurtful games,
Jealousy is latent,
And won't give names.
When you see a play,
May it remind you of me,
May the script be today,
The actors at ease ... As tension eats away,
As they laugh and smile.
In this underlining way.
Into lost fortunes and forever's,
Lost loves of today.
Contempt will surely praise,
What's gone is gone,
But resentment remains.


Perseverance And Patience

They are two devilish friends
Who seem to wonder quickly
They don't stay to wait
And watch closely for an outcome
A result or an ending.
What could entice them to stay?
A look of love ... reassurance.
Some acticipation of what life will
Offer next.
Longing for what's waiting for me
Around the corner
And wanting her now.
Knowing time is a healer.
She always brings fortune.
I need her now.
Encourage the devilish ones
With affection and caring maybe they'll
Stay ... I hope they stay.
I need these two long lost friends
Without them ... fortune ... love
Will fly away never to return
As she did once before.


A Maze

I wish I was in your heart,
I passed it briefly.
It is truly heaven.
Equipped with trust, passion, honesty
And devotion.
A bright warm light drawing me to it.
It wasn't my time.
A maze begins in your eyes and moves down
Its trick corners to your soul.
I'm lost halfway between friendship and
Another traveller is blocking the way.
She has her motive.
I am trying to backtrack and find
Another way to reach you.
If the traveller is unsuspecting
I may succeed.
Your heart may recall the feel of me.
Fearing the spirit of true love
You may bring up the walls once more.
I hope one day I find my way to passion
In you ... may your heart welcome me.
I will then be home.


Senses In Me

Delusions ... Mystery
My mind senses
The scent of roses
The way you were sent to me
Sounds ... Cries ... Pleads
Screams of Passion
Motions ... Sounds
I plead
Can you see?
See passionate screams
Hear time
Taste the moment
Moments in time
Hear the sensitivity
Feel the rhymes
The awkward touch
Now lost in time ...
Taste life's sounds
Feel the senses
The senses in me!



With my hands
I express caring thoughts of you.
Selflessly and devoted
With my tongue
In the past ... In my dreams.
Looking at and touching your thighs
Dreaming of licking ... kissing
The beautiful place between your thighs.
This is where I am free.
At this paradise
I can show you how much I adore you.
When my hands
Visit the strong border of your breasts.
I craved healing your lips with mine
Once again ... like old times.
While my hands
Assured your breasts of all the love
I had to offer.
Your precious body ... A diamond
Much like your soul.
If I were to polish it long enough
Would you flow like a stream?
Would I ever get a drink from
This magic stream again?
I wish a sip more than attaining
All the gold in the world.
It is only your water which makes me
Feel alive.
Each time my hands touch you
I think of love.
This is what I'm sending.



Ingrid Sigurdson is a poet from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.


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