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Awakening Truth - Zaq Madrill

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Awakening Truth

As God set's the sun,

all beauty is at rest.

But Gods most beautiful creation lies awake still,

but before she can ease herself into a deep sleep,

she lies awake and wonders if she truly is in love with the one who is deeply in love with her.

She knows love has the power to make someone's life filled with true happiness,

but also can cause someone's life to slip into a deep depression.

So that is why she must choose what she says with great delicacy,

so that she doesn't say something that she truly doesn't know the true meaning and power that comes with three small words,

she questions herself,

but deep down she truly knows she also is in love with the one in love with her.



Zaq Madrill lives in the state of Colorado in the USA.


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