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Six Photographs - Lokesh Anjanappa

Camel Man

"Humble yet a very positive smile by an unknown farmer who let me ride his camel in a remote Rajasthan village."



"Caught off guard!! A security guard on the first floor window in a Jaipur Palace."



"Drums of heaven at Ranakpur temple."



"An evening at Buland Darwaza."



"Commitment for life - A couple praying at the Ranakpur Jain Temple."



"Enticing the hungry on busy streets of Delhi."


Lokesh Anjanappa writes: "My name is Lokesh Anjanappa and I am an Indian living in Bangalore, a city in southern India. I am an IT professional and also a photographer. (...) My work portrays two very significant aspects of my country - People and monuments. It also describes my first hand travel experience in the Northern states of India. The history of the places I visited in these states of India are less than 1000 years old, unlike the southern states, which means one gets to experience the history which is comparatively very crisp. (...)"

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