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Five Paintings - Jean-Yves Vidal


N 004 80X80 (1999)



N 005 80X80 (1999)




N 104 80X80 (1998)



N 206 100x100 (1999)



N 207100x100 (2000)




Jean-Yves Vidal lives in Foix, France.

Born in 1952, Jean-Yves Vidal began painting in 1992. Entirely self-taught, he soon mastered a very precise technique (first in oil and then acryl) which enabled him to establish quickly a very personal style.

Although symbolism and surrealism long remained the dominant principles in his work, his paintings now reveal, in a decidedly abstract manner, great strength - as much in the imagery as in the working of the colours - which goes largely beyond traditional aspects.

His desire to be free has made him renounce all academism so leaving him essential space for creativity. His work, not subject to fashions and trends, does not fail to perturb viewers and never leaves them indifferent.

His singular creativity arises from a constant subconscious surrender to the exigencies of work and the impassioned desire to search out new works of accomplishment.

The images he presents remain his own, but the road they open up belongs to everyone.

You can find him on the Internet at http://perso.club-internet.fr/jyvidal/.


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