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New England Doorways - Debra Strobel

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New England Doorways by debra strobel
Facade #1
Black and solid
                     do not approach!                                          I
Atop the picket fence,
                            jagged spears.
The claw latch protectively clutches.
Open the gate, curiosity may risk.
Ivy and geraniums in a pretty window box-                      Will
To the intruder
A tease
I drew a false picture-
And shutters slammed
Facade #2                                                                   Not
Around about must be your approach.
Climbing, turning,
                       steps of anticipation.
From my window
              I spy
                  upon your back.
And dare I make an assumption.
Flickering black lanterns secured to the brick.
Hope in the dark,                                                          Let
A warm glow falls interrogating the opaque.
Facade #3
An ornate kick plate
Presents the iron inclines.
And I wonder what stories trod from the visitor's gait.
Lush holly bushes interfere                                           You
With - a - possible
                    Firm grip.
A sturdy old Maple,
Lends her tender branch to listen.
Resurrected on a solid brick column
Guards an iron horse.
No Facade
So glad you chose my door to come.                          Come
But this door remains
Turn your gaze to the old worn path.
                                 My back door is always open.         In


Debra Strober lives in America, about 40 miles west of Chicago, Illinois. She is currently a junior at a state college majoring in Special Education. Up until 6 years ago she lived in New England and misses the area very much. Hence, her poem.


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