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English Poems - P.i.x.l.F.u.x.a

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in the remotest corner of a dream
where i am nourished
by a flood of light
of bluish white
while chasing some
electrical gazelle
in their
of fur in emerald bronze
i wail through vaults
of odd desires
now almost extinct
and watch
as tendrillous snake-like glyphs

what remains
of all the rare and precious ancient myths

up the thy-ber

my little antelope and sweet gazelle
as from your
gracile ankles
my eye too hastily swifts up
your magic thighs
back and forth
between your calves and knees
(would you care to open,


pollex viridis

you've got
a blonde nose
and snub hair

this funny look
urging out
in wavefronts
isn't it

you told me
glowing drops
of life
fragrant like aniseed
out of
condensed patience -
but i
kept doubting.

you talked to me
in words
of hidden power
oddly stringed
shimmering lines
skillfully woven
into a net
of wandering knots

of restrained
gentle galena
unknown to me
and i saw
still unbelieving

all thirtyseven wonders
of the moment
just for me.

you have
taken my hand
before i could notice
what happened
to me
you turned
it out
like a glove
in a single movement
towards somewhere
making me
my innermost
and it was better
than estimated
but also

you have touched my root
and i shot
and branched
and almost bloomed
but a hairy fist
ripped me off
from you
and threw
into this
in memories

. .

P.i.x.l.F.u.x.a lives in a world without nations:

"about my life

i was born in the mid 50s in central europe. all my life i had a strong and vivid inner life, never confusing the different layers and aspects of reality with one another, though.
i attended schools until early in the 70s and was particularly interested in the natural sciences, especially physics, from the day on when i had realized that they where unfit to provide any meaningful contents in the philosophy classes at school, apt to feed my insatiable hunger for philosophical and psychological cognition and insights.
i read myself through huge piles of original early 17th century (and other) books on metaphysics, religon, alchemy and philosophy instead, and developed a very personal perspective and perception of things, following no one but my own red thread.

early in the 80s i made my first steps in computing, built me a powerful pc (considering the time) and learned programming.
later on i was educated in applied arts and got a fairly good degree finally, but i did never actually work in that field professionally.

i wrote some articles about philosophy and about board and card games and related fields.

there where no particular artistic influences at home, but an art teacher obviously has sown sort of a 'sleeping inclination for creating pictures' just by his example.
he drew and painted apocalyptic, deserted sceneries, which will never leave me.

a friend of mine introduced me to a cheap though powerful 3d software package late in 1997, and before i could realize what happened to me i gave it a try, got me the package and found myself busy creating pictures that obviously had lurked somewhere inside myself to come out, for more than 20 years.
late in 1998 several people talked me into showing a choice of my pictures in exhibitions and / or via the internet.
which i did.

my creations cannot be considered 'real art', because i concentrated on some flavour of beauty too much, rather than to depict disgusting things exclusively.

likewise my creations cannot be really successful, since i hardly ever show people or their representatives.

both things may very well change in the course of time.
i am currently working for the electronics industry, but i'm sure i will remain far outside today's society all my lifetime, nevertheless.
we simply do not have much to offer to each other.

i do not like the clichee at all, but it is a fact that i created the best images when i was down deepest.

the very careful choice of colours did an amazing good job to compensate for my temporary lack of inner light.

although maybe sometimes 'urged' to create by some gentle force from within, i personally regard 'art' and 'work' as contradictory notions.
if it isn't in a playful mood, i cannot create at all."


Read also his German Poems at this site.

The illustrations are made by the writer. You can also visit the webpage with his other paintings.


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